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FDT Views/Editors follow Dark Theme

With this release FDT can easily switched to dark theme:Simply select the Dark theme and apply. The Dark theme is available since Eclipse 4.4 (Luna). Older versions of Eclipse (and FDT) does not support color themes of this form. The FDT views and editors will switch to their default dark color set: In case you […]

by FDT Team

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by FDT Team

FDT Milestone 10 – 10 years anniversary

We‘re happy to announce FDT Milestone 10! It‘s been 10 years since our first FDT release and a lot happened since last years Milestone 9. We went on to improve FDT and your IDE experience. Here is a list with our new key features: Ant Project Generator Dump launch configuration Library Project Template ActionScript refactorings […]

by FDT Team

Library Project Template

This new FDT release contains features to support a more fluent development of SWC libraries. The primary starting point to develop a library is the new Library Project Template for AIR or Web: This template creates an empty library project containing two source folders: All compilation units to include into the library should be placed […]

by FDT Team

Release 9.9 – Project groups

With this release the FDT Explorer can present projects in groups: Each Project Group is a set of workspace projects (i.e.: Working Set). Each project can be a member of one group and can not be shared among groups. Project Groups are logical structures shown inside FDT Explorer. Neither they represent nor they change the […]

by FDT Team

Release 9.8 – Test Resources

With this new FDT Release build path entries could be marked as test resource. A test resource is usually only included during compilation for a Flex Unit test run. Any build path entry can be turned into a test resource:Typically all Flex Unit libraries and the test source folder are marked as test resources. The […]

by FDT Team

FDT Release 9.7

FDT Standalone based on Eclipse Mars With this new release FDT Standalones are based on Eclipse Mars. Kepler and Luna based FDT Standalones are still available.   Convenience We have added some convenience for users customizing their project templates. The source of the project templates is now customizable: By clicking on the link default templates […]

by FDT Team

Help us with FDT sprint-planning

As you know we currently roll out a new FDT release every 2-3 weeks. Packed with new features and improvements, so that your coding life gets better and your productivity and efficiency rises.   Basis for all the features and improvements is your valued feedback. Every idea, every bug report, even a simple vote for […]

by FDT Team

Improved Event (Listener) Autocompletion

Now FDT Event Autocompletion is also available for the Starling framework: Here you can see that all available starling events for the Starling Sprite. The event listener quick fix can handle the starling events, too: The event listener name is now customizable: The short listener name will be the concatenation of “handle” and the name […]

by FDT Team

A FDT Christmas present for you

Merry Christmas everyone! The FDT team has something special for you… One month subscription with all FDT features for free! Christmas is coming up and even though Santa is still packing his bag, we already have a gift for you: While FDT Free is great for small projects, this holiday season we want to share […]

by FDT Team

Changing Function Signatures on the fly

FDT has new quick fixes to change function signatures to match the arguments in their calls.   Add parameters In this case the method Init accepts only 2 arguments but the call has 3. The proposal will add the new second parameter view to method Init. The type of the new parameter is gained by […]

by FDT Team

FDT tips & tricks #1: Calculator in code

You can calculate simple constant integer expressions during coding in FDT by simple hitting Ctrl-1 (Windows, Linux) or Cmd-1 (MacOS). In the auto completion description window you can see all steps of the calculation. You can insert the result into your code by selecting this auto completion. If one of the constants is a hex […]

by FDT Team

How to install Subversive in Eclipse Juno with FDT

Since FDT can also be installed as a plugin on the latest Eclipse IDE, the FDT Team also looks ahead and tests against the latest Eclipse releases. In Eclipse Juno the installation of the Subversive SVN plugin has changed a bit. The SVNKit/JavaHL selection screen no more appears right after the Subversive installation finishes so the […]

by Ain Tohvri

How to use ASC 2.0 in FDT

How to use ASC 2.0 with the new FDT release from 11.12.2012: Download Adobe Flex 4.6 SDK Download Adobe AIR 3.5 SDK with ActionScript Compiler 2.0 Add new Flex SDK 4.6 to ‘Installed SDK’ list Merge new added Flex SDK 4.6 with zip file from Air SDK 3.5 Use merged Flex SDK 4.6 & Air […]

by FDT Team

Interactive Pioneers develops automated car with Adobe AIR

For more than a year Interactive Pioneers is developing the user interface of a self-driving car with the help of Adobe AIR technologies in context of an innovation project. The first milestone was recently reached and an autonomous car was successfully tested in road traffic. Our agency’s task is the ‚Human Machine Interface‘ development and […]

by FDT Team

Font support for Android and iOS

This new FDT version supports the new font abilities of AIR SDK 24. A new Font tab inside the AIR Properties for Android and iOS allows you to select fonts to integrate into a mobile app: In this example the font file TH3_MACHINE.ttf is added and will be packed into the Android app. The warning […]

by FDT Team

Mylyn integration

Our latest version of FDT comes with basic Mylyn support. You can find more details about Mylyn here. The Mylyn task context of the active task influences how the FDT Explorer and Outline show their content. Some elements inside the FDT Explorer are grayed since they are not part of the current task context as […]

by FDT Team

Quick Fixes for Project/Classpath Problems

This FDT version offers new Quick Fixes for some project/classpath problems inside the Problems view. These new Quick Fixes are available via right click or Ctrl-1 (Cmd-1): This Quick Fix will remove classpath entries referring to missing SDK SWCs: For the other Air Project problem Project Air SDK Version 22.0 does not match descriptor Air […]

by FDT Team

CSS to SWF Launcher

In this version of FDT the FDT SWF Application launcher can handle CSS files: The launcher starts the compilation of a CSS file into a SWF. To create a launcher for a CSS file just right click the file in the FDT Explorer and choose Debug As/FDT SWF Application. By default the new created launcher […]

by FDT Team

Hover & AsDoc Convenience

Bracket/Source Hover In some situations it is hard to guess which blocks are closed by curly braces:By hovering over the curly brace in line 26 the full block is shown in a popup: Some lines of large blocks are skipped but the head is always visible:The popup shows the class block on hovering over curly […]

by FDT Team

Dump launch configuration

Sometimes it is necessary to get the ActionScript compiler configuration as XML file of an FDT launch configuration. To achieve this FDT offers a new dialog. Assume the following example project: The project has this typical launch configuration to start the main file: The button Dump configuration…  will open the new dialog. The new Dump […]

by FDT Team

FDT’s 10th years anniversary

We celebrate FDT’s 10th year anniversary! A big thank you for your support and trust during the last decade. Our users and the entire Flash / AIR community is what keeps us going to release every month a new version! To mark the occasion we got two specials for you: With our coupon code 8CC-DGH-BQ5 […]

by FDT Team

9 Years of Coding Comfort: FDT Milestone 9

After 9 years, we now reached FDT Milestone 9! We worked hard to improve your Coding Comfort and keep FDT up to your daily coding requirements. Since our last years milestone we´ve built a lot of new key features for you: Speed up incremental build and full build Relevant matches for search through implementations Extract […]

by FDT Team

FDT Milestone 8

What a week! Germany is football world cup winner and the German engineered FDT gets 8 years old. It’s been a wild ride so far. Since our last FDT Milestone 7 release we rolled out 14 new releases including 70 features and 116 fixes & improvements (details) during the last year, So it makes us […]

by FDT Team

May 30th – Save the date

Adobe AIR development + profiling – using the right tools for the job We’re happy to announce that our Senior Software Engineer Ain Tohvri will join the Hawaii Flash User Group meeting as a speaker on May 30th at 12:00 pm (noon / Honolulu / UTC−10). This meeting will be held through Adobe Connect, that […]

by FDT Team

Big FDT Halloween Promotion

We hope you enjoy our latest Milestone 7. This year we celebrate Halloween with a big discount voucher: If you order any FDT subscription during the next days*, we’ll grand you 20% off! Please choose your favorite subscription length: 24 Month subscription now for 19€/month. Get it here! 12 Month Subscription now for 23€/month. Get […]

by FDT Team

FDT Happy Easter special: Non-Subscription Upgrade

Easter is coming up and we have a surprise that many of you waited for. It´s been a while since we’ve changed our development cycle from yearly major releases to each-iteration-releases and we had to switch to subscription-only. But we’ve worked on a new key for a special promotion: The new FDT (6th version) + […]

by FDT Team

New FDT Feature: Unit Testing with Flex Unit!

We finally integrated the long-awaited Unit Testing with Flex Unit 4.1. Here’s a little overview about this new feature. Please Note: Current we only support Flex Unit 4.1 which you can find here (Please choose the full project download). At the New FDT Project wizard, you can activate this check box, if you like to […]

by FDT Team
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